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The Beloved Ones

Our latest short film is released in March and produced with support of the UK-Filmcouncil agency Screen West Midlands. It is now registered for the Cannes Short Film Corner in May 2007. “The Beloved Ones” is an animated documentary directed by renowned animator Samantha Moore from Shrewsbury and produced by Joshka Wessels. The film tells the stories of two African women living with the repercussions of HIV/AIDS in a compelling and intimate portrait. 16 year-old Maureen survives with her only sister after she lost her parents. HIV positive Anna is preparing her children for her own eminent death. The film weaves their emotive stories together in a visual narrative. Well-known UK actresses Josette Simon, OBE (Blake’s 7) and Lenora Crichlow (Sugar Rush, Ch4) voiced the main characters of the film.



Nor Any Drop to Drink

Sapiens Productions has released its latest environmental documentary called “Nor Any Drop to Drink”. Four filmmakers from Jordan, Egypt and Palestine find out how local people and institutions on the ground work together in solving the water scarcity. The film is made in close collaboration and with support of the International water and Sanitation Centre (IRC) and the Empowers partnership and Zer0-M project.  It is distributed by the Television trust for the Environment (TVE). Its first screening in the region will take place in April during the MEDA-water partners conference in Tunisia. In Amman, Jordan, the film will shown during the opening ceremony of the “Water is everybody’s business” forum in June, 2007. This high profile event will bring together water experts from all over the world to discuss local water governance and policies for the Middle East.


Above Board, trading legal timber

Interactive DVD package in eight different languages to provide an insight into the practicalities of ensuring that the timber that companies trade is legally produced, purchased and processed. Commissioned by the Centre for International Development and Training (CIDT) in collaboration with Television Trust for the Environment (TVE) funded by the Department for International Development – UK (DFID).



Darfur: Earth, Wind and Fire

In this programme, we go behind the frontlines in Darfur, travelling into rebel-controlled areas to explore the relationship between the current Darfur crisis and the continuing impoverishment of the environment.



Finnish the Water

We travel to Finland to investigate why this country has the cleanest water in the world ? 


Fishing for Litter

Denmark has found a solution to deal with the tones of rubbish that fishermen fish out of the North Sea every year

  • TVE Hands-On Series BBC World (with Perspective productions)


Solace of Music

The story of Henry who lost his father to HIV/AIDS and just heard his mother is HIV positive. He finds solace in playing his music

  • Birmingham TIC Short Film Festival
  • BBC Big Screen



A television documentary about the struggle for survival of the unique Maroon culture in the former Dutch colony, Surinam. 



Tunnel Vision

A television documentary about the reviving of ancient water tunnels in Syria. Broadcast BBC World.


Maureens' Story

Maureen survives with her sister after both her parents died of HIV/AIDS

  • MTV/One World


A River of Hope

An educational film that shows how child-headed families cope in a positive way with the heavy impact of HIV/AIDS in Uganda and Kenya. Project commissioned by Healthlink Worldwide.  

  • Digital Media Center, Shrewsbury
  • Excerpts of this film broadcast at BBC Big Screen,  Birmingham, 2005 and screened at TIC filmfestival, Birmingham.


David Morley, a man with a vision

Portrait of David Morley, emeritus professor of tropical child health and founder of the charity Teaching-aids At Low Cost (TALC). Project commissioned by TALC.

  • Community Channel Infomercial


Little Waterfall

An anthropological film about a small village in a remote area of Syria where the people depend solely on the water supply of a 1500-year old water tunnel. 

  • Special Commendation RAI filmfestival


Previous years

Reviving Qanats (2002)

  • Screened at United Nations University, Japan


Sufis of Syria (2000)

  • Soho Festival London
  • Durham University Archive


Deir Mar Musa, the Green Monastery (1999)

  • IPGRI video archive


Sudan, communication in health education (1996)

  • Broadcast Sudan local TV
  • SNV video archive


Albert Cuyp, a daily market in Amsterdam (1995)

  • Screened at Beeld voor Beeld Festival, Leiden, The Netherlands


Augustinus, Century Festival (1993)