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Pit or Flush (working title)

The toilet, our own little space…it is here where a revolution in water management can take place! This film follows the efforts of European and Middle Eatsern scientists to merge modern techology with ancient methods to reduce the amount of wastewater in the house at local level in Morocco, Tunisia and Turkey.  


Qanats in Syria: DVD (work in progress)

This interactive DVD gives full information about qanats and qanat renovations in Syria. It shows three films on qanat research and fieldwork. It will also contain an interactive map where qanat users will tell you more in-depth information about the modern use of ancient water tunnels in Syria. This DVD will be part of Joshka’s PhD dissertation.


Basic Japanese (work in progress)

Nozaka san is a Japanese dairy farmer in the mountains of Nagano. He believes in the organic lifestyle and clutches “Our Common Future” in his hand as his bible. He has 11 cows that graze and produce milk solely organic. Something exceptional in a highly mechanized country such as Japan. Can Nozaka san survive this way ?